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Naïve is a fully integrated creative agency.
We imagine and build brand experiences and environments from concept creation to final production.

____Naming an agency Naïve may sound naïve. And brave. Because that’s what Naïveté means to us. It is courage to take different, unexpected paths. To think far from the box, to forget the box, to take the box and throw it away. To build a new box. To start out of scratch, each time. To ask, to cross lines, to listen. Being naïve means knowing answers may come not just from the experts. To trust people. To trust ideas. To be idealistic in a whole new, positive way. 

__A Creative Agency

Naïve is a fully integrated creative agency. We imagine and build brand experiences, environments, and customer journeys, from concept creation to final production. We found our projects in art, culture and technology to set up memorable moments of engagement and interaction. We believe in face to face relationships, relevant insights and true storytelling.


__Flexible and Collaborating

Naïve is a medium-weight studio with 20 professionals at their desks and many others coming and going and features a dedicated in-house design unit. Talented collaborators sharing our same vision and approach are a key asset of the agency, enabling constant improvement and innovation as well as a modern, healthy and flexible business model. We are natural born partners: clients, talents, other agencies, production companies.  We are always ready to share a common vision, a bigger picture, an uncovered angle.

__Thinking and Doing

Sometimes a great idea can turn into an ok idea along the way. We’ve been there. We know disappointment comes at a cost, which is why we provide end-to-end creative and production services to our clients. We can build, craft and deliver what we imagine and design, making sure every single step of the journey is taken care of, measured, and accounted for. We know effective creativity demands efficient solutions and great ideas need to meet business goals: we are easy to work with. 

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Brand Strategy

Naïve imagines, designs and builds paths connecting consumers with brands through unique and engaging journeys.

Branded Content
Set up design & Architecture
Retail Concept and Design
Graphic & Motion Design
Video & Photography
Consumer Experiences & Journeys
Events & Production