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Special Make Up collections

Client: AW Lab
Project: Advertising
Year : from 2018

AW Lab has over 220 stores in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Singapore. This makes several hundreds of windows available to become effective communication spaces to deliver the brand’s attitude and style. In the last year we designed over 7 campaigns to launch some of the brand’s Special Make Up collections designed exclusively for AW Lab.

Concept, art direction, shooting and production were each time inspired by a theme or a style linked somehow to the product.

Starting from it we created different impactful and attention-grabbing visual systems interacting with the window set up and declinable onto digital channels such as company website, e-commerce platform and social media.

We had fun celebrating the holidays, unboxing 25 Christmas gifts, we travelled back to the 90es, more than once. We felt like superheroes, we took a dive into a pink sugar-coated universe, we played with light, colours, internet culture and music.

We built a joyful, bright and energetic universe to support the brand’s identity and positioning.