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Disney+ Magic Coach

CLIENT: Disney+
PROJECT: TV Commercials
YEAR: 2020
Creative Director: Patrizio Marini
Copywriters: Fabrizio Blini - Martha ter Horst
Art Director: Agnese Pagliarini
Client Director: Antonio Cannatello
Talent: Stefano Fresi
Studios: Groenlandia
Direction: Sydney Sibilia
DOP: Vladan Radovic
Executive Producer: Leonardo Godano
Producer: Cecilia Passa
Why is Elsa from Frozen actually from Arendelle? What’s the Lion King’s name? Lion? King? And the seven dwarfs? Will a whole life be enough to learn to name them all?
The solution to all these (and many more) existential doubts is always a  Disney+ subscription and we told it through a multi-subject TV campaign aimed at an audience of Italian families that are not acquainted yet with the streaming platforms.
The solution though doesn’t come by itself but appears as a magic coach whose entrances are as spectacular as the offer. It’s Stefano Fresi (renowned Italian comedian) who, with a pinch of austerity and a bit of resignation, puts the families in front of their funny gaps. Each scene becomes the occasion to ask the big question, which is the fil rouge of the 5 aired commercials: “Why don’t you subscribe to Disney+?”