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Un Vero Spettacolo

CLIENT: Pasta Garofalo
PROJECT: Advertising
YEAR: Un Vero Spettacolo
Creative Director: Patrizio Marini
Copywriter: Martha ter Horst & Fabrizio Blini
Account Director: Carla Marciano
Account Executive: Slay Gasser
CDP: Groenlandia
Regia: Matteo Rovere
DOP: Michele D'Attanasio
Produttore esecutivo: Leonardo Godano
Fotografi: “max&douglas”, Simple Ag.
After Garofalo’s first TV campaign that, in 2018, had set new communication standards for a commodity good such as pasta – belonging though to a premium brand such as Garofalo – this second advertising platform adds a big element of novelty to what has been done so far. Two exceptional testimonials are now part of the show. They are among the most loved by the audience Italian actors, a couple in real life, and perfect representers of the brand’s values and new positioning summarised in “Garofalo, un vero spettacolo / Garofalo, a pasta show”.  (Moreover, during a meeting, we overheard that Garofalo for them was already a love brand, so perfect match!).  
Luca Zingaretti and Luisa Ranieri masterfully staged a pasta show in an elegant, ironic commercial meeting the both the image of the brand and the one of the talents.
Directed by Matteo Rovere we see the two dining “finally alone” while the truth is they are observed by a lot of viewers from different devices. The spectators follow mouth-open the product, undisputed hero of the show, displaying the same passion they would have watching some breathtaking performance.
To underline the creative device launched by the 30” commercial, shorter cuts are also able to focus on the most relevant product features combining this way the setting of a new brand positioning with the more tactical need of describing the reasons why. 
The media plan includes, besides television, also a print declination, several radio commercial and digital content all aimed to define Garofalo as a pasta so good to become an absolute star of the stage.