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Disney+ Star Launch

CLIENT: Disney+
PROJECT: Commercial
YEAR: 2021
Creative Director: Patrizio Marini
Copywriters: Fabrizio Blini - Martha ter Horst
Art Director: Agnese Pagliarini
Client Director: Antonio Cannatello - Carla Marciano
Testimonials: Andrea Pirlo - Stefano Fresi
Director: Sydney Sibilia
DOP: Marco Bassano
Executive Producer: Leonardo Godano
Producer: Cecilia Passa
Disney+ launches Star, hours and hours of new content streaming on their platform. And if that’s great news, here’s the real kicker: Andrea Pirlo joining Stefano Fresi in this new episode of creative collaboration. 
The former football player gets acquainted with the big news thanks to our well known brand ambassador, this time making an extra effort to convince his target. We see Stefano going after Andrea all around his place, trying to distract him from his “football-on-my-mind” perennial attitude. The chase is of course a success, and Stefano wins the match, finally convincing his tough target. Beyond the long version, there are several short cuts based on the same creativity that will live on Tv and on the brand’s digital channels, all featuring our two ambassadors and their comical interactions.