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Maserati Folgore ft. Damiano David

Client: Maserati
Year: 2024
Creativity: Naïve
Creative Dir.: Patrizio Marini & Lorenzo De Rita
Client Dir.: Carla Marciano
Project Manager: Tommaso Lambarelli
House Production: Buddy Film
Director: Gabriele Mainetti
DOP: Diego Indraccolo
Photographers: Paolo Zerbini & Max Sarotto
The new international campaign Maserati Folgore is a contemporary and captivating manifesto of Italian identity, charm, and energy. Leading the creative concept is Damiano David, a singer and songwriter who has climbed the world charts as the frontman of Måneskin, embodying a new Maserati philosophy encapsulated in the line “It turns you on.”
As a testimonial, he shares with the brand a natural magnetism, an almost unconscious charm capable of captivating and transmitting energy wherever he goes simply by being who he is.
The film, directed by Gabriele Mainetti with photography by Diego Indraccolo, condenses and celebrates in 90 seconds everything inherent in the brand: passion, vision, innovation, Italian spirit, intuition, dedication, and enthusiasm. An attitude towards life and an ability to attract that ignites and is ignited along with the electric motor of the Folgore range.
The camera follows the protagonist through a succession of places and situations that become charged with glamour and energy in his presence. Damiano David is behind the wheel of Maserati’s first 100% electric car: his voice accompanies us with a monologue about what it means to be Italian—a contemporary manifesto of Italian identity and, implicitly, of the Maserati brand. The common thread of the story is everything that naturally electrifies us, enjoyed aboard each of the three Folgore masterpieces. From the performance of the GranTurismo to the emotion of the GranCabrio, culminating in the grand finale aboard the Grecale: versatile, powerful, luxurious, and captivating.