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Maserati MY22 Global Campaign

CLIENT: Maserati
YEAR: 2021
PRODUCTION: Groenlandia
TEAM: Walkin Studio
PHOTO: Luciano Consolini / Chiara Ludovica Q
EDIT: Luciano Consolini / Walkin Studio
COPYWRITER: Simone Gianbartolomei
ACCOUNT: Carla Marciano

To launch the new Maserati brand taxonomy and the MY22 range – consisting of the models Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante in the GT, Modena and Trofeo set-ups – Naive has developed a storytelling platform able to generate contents in line with the new positioning and MY22 specific product features. Starting from the concept “Master of Italian Audacity”, that led the brand in the last years, we came out with “Brutal Beauty”: a synthesis of Maserati approach, that has always been able to dare by combining luxury and performance, design and technology, elegance and power. The emotions these cars arouse in the drivers and product features thus became the drive for the development of new audiovisual contents. A dichotomy that explores both the aesthetic and emotional side of the Maserati range, through sounds, lights and colors. Location scouting has been fundamental too, giving each model the right context to free their own expressive power. Selected shots and videos have been later used to build all the digital communication activities that have accompanied the launch of MY22 throughout the year 2022.